Carwan Gallery Presents OEVFFICE at Hotel Senato

Unable to leave the beauty of his reflection in the water, Narcissus lost his will to live…

In occasion of Milan Design Week, the Beirut-based Carwan Gallery curated a new installation from the design studio OEVFFICE, unveiling their new edition of Kapital tables, a special collection of nine unique exemplars each slightly different in shape made of pristine white Carrara marble. Inspired by Ionic, Tuscan and Doric columns, OEVFFICE‘s stools are handcrafted in Italy and feature unique unpolished textures and small imperfections that make each of them unique. The installation was showcased in the courtyard of Senato Hotel, creating a lyrical game of reflections with the water basin designed by the architect Alessandro Bianchi. Like modern caryatidis, the nine objects and their intriguing doubles recall the glorious harmony of classic architecture. Evocative images of ancient temples and kiosks are reworked into timeless objects with a contemporary twist that expresses OEVFFICE‘s experimental approach to design.

Senato Hotel Milano 43 room boutique hotel. Architect: Alessandro Bianchi

  • Carwan Gallery Presents OEVFFICE at Hotel Senato

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci
    Carwan Gallery


    Kapital series by OEVFFICE

    Senato Hotel – via Senato 22, Milan

    10-18 April 2016


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    Carwan Gallery