Cherevichkiotvichki “The Lace” at Hostem London

Empty canvas. In appearance – really empty and silent. The impression of colours strewn over the painter’s palette. Unseen and hidden in their little tubes, the colours are alive. Suddenly blobs of paint break through the quiet endless whiteness, letting the kaleidoscopic dance of pigments begin.

Victoria Andrejeva of Cherevichkiovtvichki presents The Lace, an artistic installation exclusively realized for London-based concept store Hostem. By using a 200-meter-long pattern cutting paper roll, the designer created a sculpture in shape of a gigantic and multicoloured shoelace that runs all over the windows of the store. Equipped with painting tools and several colour dyes, Victoria spent over three days working on the paper sheet, which has been treated with black teas to achieve an aged effect. For the painting process, the designer let the strokes follow the flow of her imagination, building up chromatic tales made of abstract patterns and infinite series of dots. With painstaking attention, she then modelled each meter of this improvised canvas into a tubular cord that dynamically stretches over the space.Brushed, sprayed and hand-dyed with the same experimental techniques applied to Cherevichkiotvichki’s creations, the piece features vibrant textures obtained through a mix of natural and chemical elements such as avocado and copper paints, which Victoria regularly uses during her leather finishing. With its playful and surrealist look, The Lace perfectly embodies the spirit of the brand and introduces the viewers to Victoria Andrejeva’s boundless creativity universe, where art and craftsmanship are tied up together in a single and unbreakable ribbon.

  • Cherevichkiotvichki “The Lace” at Hostem London

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



     Cecilia Musmeci


    Sept 8th- Nov. 1st 
    41-43 Redchurch Street,
    London E2 7DJ.

    Special Thanks

    Victoria Andrejeva

    Hostem London