FRAMA – Case Study N 5 Freemansons Lodge

Old spaces have their own language, an heritage that gives them character and personality.

The Danish firm FRAMA engaged an open dialogue with the history of the Freemansons Lodge in Copenhangen, and eternized the building before authorities took it down. Placed around the building, FRAMA sleek designs stood out against the distressed walls of the space, creating a lyrical contrast between modernity and decay beautifully pictured by Michael Falgren. Minimalist yet somehow primitive in their simple shapes, the furniture left space to the rich architectural details that expressed the story of the space, the architecture styles overlapped in time and the different choices of owners long gone. With dramatic quietness, FRAMA pieces highlighted the unique appeal of the Freemansons Lodge, adding a contemporary twist to the old environment. The memory of the place eventually remains untouched, treasured by FRAMA through time as a source of artistic inspiration.

  • FRAMA – Case Study N 5 Freemansons Lodge

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Michael Falgren



    Special Thanks

    Niels Christophersen
    Friedrik Aartun