Frama Studio Store in Copenhagen

A place out of time, where past and present meet in unique harmony.

Located in an 19th century apothecary building in the heart of Copenhagen Frama Studio Store is an hybrid creative and commercial destination in which the most innovative concepts are developed within an historical setting. The synergy between past and present fills the space, and represents a direct link to how Frama approaches different creative fields, combining together digital and analogue elements. St Paul’s Pharmacy, as the place was named back in the days, it’s a real laboratory of ideas nurtured by the progress of contemporary times with a romantically nostalgic soul. 

Internationally renowned as a Danish design firm, Frama is actually much more. The brand stands for a lifestyle concept, that invests each aspect of humans’ life, involving both the private and social spheres. Driven by the pioneering spirit of Niels Strøyer Christophersen, Frama not only produces barely beautiful furniture with a timeless and essential design, but infuses the same passion for natural elements and simple yet fuctional solutions in a capsule collection of handmade garments, literature works and an apothecary line, recently launched during 3daysofdesign, Copenhagen’s main event for design and architecture. St Paul’s Apothecary collection is a nod to the past as well as a return to basics, drawing on the most innovative cosmetic techniques and on the virtues of organic ingredients. Handcrafted locally in Denmark and presented in fine Italian grey glass, the line combines raw and woody forest scents with tangy lemongrass tones. FRAMA favors international collaborations with skilled artisans that share the same aesthetic vision, such as the designer Sophus Ritto, who collaborated on the cashmere apparel collection locally produced in Nepal or the Parisian ceramic label Aj Otto, which realized an series of blue cups exclusively available at FRAMA

Conceived as an ongoing research, an open project with no boundaries or restrictions, FRAMA strive to become a way of life, and it’s actually getting there.

  • Frama Studio Store in Copenhagen

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    Org. St. Pauls Apotek Fredericiagade 57 1310 Copenhagen K, Denmark


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