Introducing Youth Edition

Design as an endless research to find new aesthetic dogmas.

With this concept in mind, the young French designer Joris Poggioli launched the independent firm Youth Edition last September. Celebrating timeless beauty and functionality, the designer draws inspiration from the Mediterranean culture and Italian design heritage, infused with a touch of French rationalism when it comes to shapes and volumes. Youth Edition aims to bring playfulness and elegance to daily life, paying homage to the so-called art of living in each of its aspect with a special focus on what’s really essential. In this context the collection Primo Estate gathers together minimal furniture pieces that revamp classic materials and design staples in fresh experimental ways. A certain futuristic appeal is tamed down by a deep respect for the antiques and leaves room for undiscovered design possibilities. With the bare pureness of the form as the main guideline, Youth Editions researches the perfect balance between void and full. Poggioli‘s creations certainly are elements of interior decor, yet without being remotely decorative they emphasize the primal qualities of the spaces inside which they are displayed, creating a light and harmoinious atmosphere.

  • Introducing Youth Edition

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