kräfte presents MARURU by Sonoya

Though literally translated from German simply as power, the word kräfte conveys an array of meanings and nuances – from the driving force found at the core of every being, to the brute strength needed in order to work marble and stone. Osaka-based architect Yukio Kimura keeps true to its sacred meanings by instilling an impulse of both fragility and ruggedness in the work he creates for his design label kräfte. Taking inspiration from the world around him – from the wast wilderness to the man-made industrialised jungle – his work is meticulous, taking into consideration not only the forms that are to fill the empty space, but emptiness itself as well. True to Japanese philosophy, kräfte displays a respect for the surroundings, as well as a never ending search for harmony between nature, man, and his creations.

Kimura‘s latest project is the complete renewal of Wakayama boutique MARURU by Sonoya. Not unlike his other works, the architect’s latest creation is a vision of chief understanding of shapes and materials, void of any unnecessary flair. Minimal in its simplicity, the space features a careful selection of key elements. Mortar walls create a dynamic contrast with the soft garments on display, while brass pipes installed on the ceiling create a subtle link to the mundane by reminding one of the housing structure.

  • kräfte presents MARURU by Sonoya

    Article by
    Evelina Dimova



    Kiyotoshi Takashima




    Special Thanks

    Yukio Kimura