Le Corbusier – Maison La Roche

The unpredictable chaotic reality fades into the essential void of white empty spaces.

Le Corbusier‘s architecture creates a deep emotional tension. The brut materials roughly shaped into rigorous geometries subvert the common perception of spaces, hitting the wanderer with their sharp rationalism. The imperfect human being feels like an irrational exception in the precise scientific system of pure shapes, marvelously caught in the dialogue of plain surfaces and structured volumes which seem to bring order and clarity to his own ephemeral existence. Like the series of outstanding houses built by the Franco-Swiss architect and his cousin architect Pierre Jenneret, Maison La Roche could be described as a functional and fully efficient machine for living refusing any intrusive and redundant decor. The architectural and fuctional constraints pushed the duo to experimental solutions conceived according two standards: the Classical and the Mechanical. The exterior blends with the interior through wide breath-taking windows that glimpse at the building’ curved façade sourrounded by the neighbourhood constructions and tree’ fronds. The filtered light enhance the achitectural layout unfolding vertically on three different levels, directly constrasted by the horizontal expansion of the gallery which hosted Albert La Roche‘s rich collection of modern art. Everything is under the reassuring control of the purist and austere proportions which celebrate along with the type-objects industrial forniture the heroic aspects of everyday life. The mind relieved from its need of domination, surrenders to the brutal poetry of pure volumes.

The architect creates a new order that is concrete projection of his own spirit, by forms and shapes he affects our senses to an acute degree waking in us intense plastic emotions.

  • Le Corbusier – Maison La Roche

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci


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