Mary-Lynn Massoud and Rasha Nawam “Essai” at Carwan Gallery

Beirut-based Carwan Gallery¬†hosts the dynamic artistic duo Mary-Lynn Massoud and Rasha Nawam to present their new exhibition called “Essai” featuring their latest series of ceramics as well as previous works.

Like the title suggests, which literally means “trial” in French, the pieces are the result of a long series of trials and experimentations with new materials, such as stoneware, iron powder, glass and glazed porcelain that underwent through several chemical reactions under specific conditions. The works have came out naturally, without any premeditated approach to the creative process or attempt to control the final outcome. This freedom reflects in the showcase, which has been left as an open void to let the assemblage of the works happen naturally, like a beautiful coincidence. The pieces’ surfaces are rough and unfinished, with the aim of reproducing organic textures such as sea foam, onyx, marble and smudged lipstick. Their combination of different shapes and colors captivates the sight of the viewers, while appealing to their tactile sense. Opposite elements are blended in those complex assemblages in the same way as raw materials are linked to each other in nature, unveiling the beauty of the untamed.

  • Mary-Lynn Massoud and Rasha Nawam “Essai” at Carwan Gallery

    Article by
    Beata Duvaker



    Carwan Gallery


    Carwan Gallery


    Decr 11th – Feb 24th
    D-Beirut Bldg – First Floor
    Seaside Road – Burj Hammoud

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