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Scandinavian design, and minimalism in general, are seen internationally as designation for simple and solid elegance, yet at times they lack of the warm feeling that everyday furniture should convey. Danish  distributors and agents Please Wait To Be Seated have taken the basic tenets of the mid-century aesthetic and added entirely contemporary blasts of fun color to create interiors full of personality without feeling cluttered or forced. Housed in an historical building in the heart of Copenhagen, Please Wait To Be Seated Showroom, was one of 3DaysofDesign biggest highlights. Their carefully curated selection of designers featuers a special attention to craftsmanship, skills, quality of materials and sustainability in terms of durable design. The unexpected shapes of OS & OOS chairs and sofas, inspired by the arch of Roman bridges, meet the multifunctional board by NOUVEAU PIN and the organic functionalism of Faye Toogood‘s spade chairs. An essential approach ties everything together without being cartoonish.

  • Please Wait To Be Seated – Showroom Visit

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