Rick Owens – Prehistoric at Maison & Objet

Rick Owens‘s innate talent for shaping things through a rough aesthetic sense opens the concept of luxury to remote and unexplored lands.

The mind freely wanders into the reign of elongated shadows and bare silhouettes, where the strict rationalism is swallowed by the dramatic flow of loose lines, legitimating the primal materials as the unquestioned spot of attention. Within this irreplicable creative vision, the development of a line of furnitures represents the organic projection of a restless daring experimentation that transcends the boundaries of clothing making. Guided by his finely raw taste and ispired by his wife and muse Michele Lamy, Rick gives a new meaning to the idea of functionality through a monumental minimalism embodied into unique pieces which show the glorious decay of time passing. The apparent simplicity of each designs hides an inherent complexity arising from the selection of rare and arduous working materials. The precious range features resin, polywood, marbles and alabaster, carefully cut to communicate a certain visual ​​lightness despite their important mole. The feeling of staring at mysterious and primordial manufacts is deeply conveyed by the fossil table, made with 50,0000 year-old fossilized wood harder than marble, the irregular bone’s throne, the thin candlesticks and vases similar to primitive tools. Far from any trivial concept of furniture, the objects interact with the sourronding spaces as they were living things, silently marking them with their own history.

The brutal simplicity of the primitive blended with a decadent elegance awakens in the senses a sort of visceral pleasure offering an incredible tactile and visual experience.

  • Rick Owens – Prehistoric at Maison & Objet

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    Cecilia Musmeci


    Rick Owens

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