Seeds London & Galleria Lanteri – META Levels of language, strata of matter

Where the need of putting an object into a familiar shape in order to identify its character dissolves, the realm of free experimentation begins.

In this spirit, Galleria Salvatore Lanteri and Seeds London presented for Salone del mobile Milan META; Levels of language, a collective exhibition curated by Studio Vedèt that aimed to create new meanings through a series of objects and sculptures featuring unexpected combinations of different materials. The pieces on display suggested a deeper interpretation of common shapes, a “meta-language”, which litterally means “speaking about something”, that redefined our usual perceptions of things. Without including any notions to the pieces’ conceptual formula, the artists managed to walk confidently outside of the spectator’s comfort zone and let the pieces speak for themselves. The creators’ background and aesthetics are subtly unveiled by a sculptural mix of material, color and light. With their experimental  shapes, uncanny and sexual at once, the pieces seemed to suggest a journey to the unknown, while trying to grasp the invisible, embodied in mélanges of glass and gas, cement and foam, chalk, and spheres of dust included in ceramics, marble and concrete. One had the impression that the pieces somehow came to exsistence independently, out of the designers’ control, and they stood free and unaccompanied by any obligation when they met the audience.

META invited the spectator to enter a void of meaning and non-meaning, and led to a world that rejects definition and comfort in distinguishing and identifying everything we visually experience.

  • Seeds London & Galleria Lanteri – META Levels of language, strata of matter

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Seed London

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    Beata Duvaker
    Studio Vedet