Sophie Dries “Traces Rug” at Salone del Mobile

In occasion of Salone del Mobile, Milan, the French architect and designer Sophie Dries presents at Alcova space a one of a kind wool and silk rug inspired by iconic Villa Can Lis by the Danish architect Jorn Utzon.

During a research trip to the house, built in 1971 on the southern cliffs of the Majorca Island, Spain, Sophie Dries discovered and got inspired by the traces on the stone walls. She transferred them onto paper using charcoal, and highlighted the cuts of the manually sown stone that reveals the perceptible stigmata of time and how it spred across the architecture, decorating the walls with naked cracks. She collaborated with renowed German designer Jan Kath to weave the carpet and recreate the ethereal image of those extracted patterns. Upon the designer’s request, Kath used a specific Persian knot that descends from an ancestral mogul weaving technique that originates from the city of Agra, not far from Taj Mahal. Villa Can Lis is made out of exclusively raw material such as stone, pine wood and ceramic, and furnished with mansory furniture fixed to the ground: this suggested to Dries the idea of a place with “missing furniture”. The carpet was imaged to function as a comfortable and movable piece where to rest while gazing at the horizon. Made of precious wool and silk from Himalaya and China and weaved through a delicate knotting process, the carpet can be easily alterated if worn out by the elements to obtain different weights and volumes that produce a visual relief and sense of lightness.

  • Sophie Dries “Traces Rug” at Salone del Mobile

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    Beata Duvaker





    Sophie Dries


    via Popoli Uniti 11/13, Milano, 20121

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