The SAS Radisson Blue Royal Hotel by Arne Jacobsen

Design is not just an academic discipline or an activity that translates an idea into a certain object. Design is everywhere and it stands for a cultural identity.

In this spirit, the latest edition of Copenhagen-based 3daysofdesing festival aimed to highlight the history and the heritage of major Danish design firms and institutions. The exclusive insight provided by the cultural event unveiled the great passion and fine expertise that nurture the internationally renowned Danish design industry. As one of the most iconic Danish designers and architects, Arne Jacobsen and his historic SAS Radisson Blue Royal Hotel were the starting point of the 3daysofdesing tour. Jacobsen meticoulos approach to design pushed him to create everything from the exterior down to the cuttlery, and this attitude somehow relates to 3daysofdesing‘s ideal of design as a lifestyle. The SAS Radisson Blue Royal Hotel, known as the first design hotel ever made, perfectly embodies this concept, designed with an extraordinary attention to details and style coherence that made each space exquisitely balanced. Combining simplicity and functionality, Arne Jacobsen designed the architecture of the building as well as the furniture; famous chairs such as the Egg and the Swan were specifically made for this project. The hotel has been completely redeveloped, yet the Room 606, where Jacobsen used to hold all his meetings, has been carefully preserved and remains identical to its original commission. From the color palette to the carefully selected pieces of furniture, the room can be seen as a microcosm, a condensed version of the whole building itself – and a tool for tracing the underlying themes of Arne Jacobsen‘s career. One floor down, there is the Room 505, recently revamped by Spanish designer Jaime Hayón using furniture pieces from Danish brand Republic of Fritz Hansen. Hayón modelled the layout of Room 506 on the original Arne Jacobsen interior in Room 606, adding a more contemporary and warm touch. Despite the several changes throughout the years, the SAS Radisson Blue Royal Hotel remains still an extraordinary example of visionary creativity, absolutely modern even at 50+ year-old.



  • The SAS Radisson Blue Royal Hotel by Arne Jacobsen

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