Thom Browne – Office Man 2 at Le Bon Marché

Men always tried to measure the infinity of the unbounded universe.

 Fascinated by the concept of unlimited reproduction, Thom Browne realized for Le Bon Marché a reflective room that gives to visitors the feeling of being in an apparently endless space. Impressive in physical presence and visual impact, the installation created by the American designer replicates a kaleidoscopic infinity effect of wall-to-wall mirrors illuminated by fluorescent tubes. In the center of the room, Thom placed a classic office desk, upon which sat an old-fashioned typewriter, a pair of scissors and an apple, surrounded by over fifty pairs of his iconic wingtip shoes, all in bright, shiny silver. The “old-school” appeal of the office clashes with the polished chrome surfaces, suggesting a surreal atmosphere, retro and futuristic at the same time. Conceived as a conceptual variation on the brand’s presentation at New York Men’s Fashion Week this July, Office Man 2 celebrates Thom Browne’s controlled extravaganza, and inaugurates the launch of his pop-up store at the iconic Parisian luxury department store.

  • Thom Browne – Office Man 2 at Le Bon Marché

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci

    Thom Browne


    until October 17th, 2015
    Le Bon Marché
    24 Rue des Sèvres
    75007, Paris

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