Toogood – The Drawing Room at Somerset House

Toogood sisters have the magic power of unveiling the hidden beauty of everydaylife.

By exploring the infinite possibilities of handicraft, the creative duo turns banal objects and usual situations into extraordinary things with a surrealistic twist. For the London Design Festival 2015, Erica and Faye collaborated together on a special project for the Somerset House. Titled “The Drawing Room“,  Toogood’s installation was an autobiographical work inspired by the designers’ memories of a childhood spent in the English countryside. The term drawing room dates back to the 1670s, and was typically used to define the quarters within a large house in which guests would be entertained. The phrase has a double meaning in the installation, where visitors are encouraged to sit down and relax in the space, which has been lined with sheets covered with charcoal drawings that recall children’s sketches. Birdsongs and items related to the study of animals paid homage to Erica and Faye’s father, who was a birdwatcher and an antropologist, adding to the personal nature of the project. The Drawing Room was Toogood’s first attempt to create a fully furnished interior space including objects, sculptures and garments from their own clothing line Toogood Unisex Outerwear

  • Toogood – The Drawing Room at Somerset House

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