Vincenzo De Cotiis Progetto Domestico – Pop Nouveau

The limit between interpretation and historical memory generates fantastic forms.

Vincenzo De Cotiis creatively takes over the history of art and design, drawing elements from the past to make a new style statement. Pop Nouveau, as his latest collection is called, fuses together two different themes, the “pop” as a rebellion to obsolete stereotypes, and the “nouveau” as a liberation from mechanization. A new romantic spirit softens De Cotiis‘ remarkably rough aesthetic, and inspires the rounded, sensual, curves of a powder pink couch. Organic and geometric forms borrowed from the artistic movements of the beginning of the XXth century evolve in elegant designs, such as contorted lamps and pond-shaped tables with bases rooted like trees. The patina of the wonderfully aged brass resembles mushroom spores, while metallic tree-stumps stool with marble tops highlight the clash between nature and nurture. De Cotiis combines flowing forms with angular contours, lavish and spare, high and low, finding the perfect harmony of constrasting elements in pieces that appear as sculptural artworks in themselves. Pop Nouveau embodies a new expressionism, where contemporary objects give to nature an industrially elegant appeal.





  • Vincenzo De Cotiis Progetto Domestico – Pop Nouveau

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    Cecilia Musmeci


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