Wooyoungmi & Mathias Kiss – Out of Time

With the season’s exploration of space travel as a theme, Mathias Kiss joined Wooyoungmi creative director’s Madame Woo & Katie Chung to release a special installation that blurs the lines between present and future. Titled ‘Out of Time’, the showcase features excelled craftsmanship and traditional French savoir-faire blended to a contemporary fashion taste. We sat down with Madame Woo to find out more about the project.

How did “Out Of Time” came about ?

Each season, following our runway show, we look for an artist that we find inspiring and one where we can see a link between our collection and their work. We have been interested in Mathias’s work for some time and it really spoke to us for this season.

What does the concept of “present-future“ mean in relation to Mathias Kiss’s work?

In our collection we were talking about something that is seen as futuristic yet in fact is a near reality – space travel. We were placing something sci-fi in the context of today. Saying ‘the future is now’ and how will the Wooyoungmi man dress for that?

Mathias Kiss’s work often can most often not be tied to a specific time period. ‘Out of Time’ is a perfect example. He has used his accelerated knowledge of a traditional craft to create a piece that could be past, present or future.

How would you describe the synergy between Wooyoungmi SS16 collection and Kiss’s installation?

Our SS16 collection and Mathias’s installation share an emotion. There is a harmony shared between them.

Both Wooyoungmi and Mathias Kiss pay a special attention to craftsmanship. Can craft, and fashion, become art at a certain level?

Yes, definitely!



  • Wooyoungmi & Mathias Kiss – Out of Time

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