Ancient Rituals Modern Goddesses for Divine Feminine

Since the beginning of human civilization women used to gather every month to share their secrets, exchange, support and beautify each other.

We teamed up with the Laguna Beach-based sustainable fashion brand Divine Feminine to celebrate the sacred bond that connects every woman to their goddess self through a full day experience. Those moments of togetherness are holes of peace in the frenziness of the modern age to rediscover where we come from and why is so important to create conscious community activities. Guided by special priestesses such as Shiva Rose, Jessi Campbell of Eagle Eye Healing, Lindsay BilezikianAmbi and Amber Lee of Plant Compass we took part in a traditional tea ceremony, rebalanced with reiki, experienced deep healing through sound, learnt to read the stars and honored the ancestors with an ancient Navajo ritual inside an original Native American tipi. Nourished by the vegan delights prepared by the Macromuse while the bubbly Blessed Booch kombucha kept us hydrated, we aknowledged the importance of being kind to ourselves in order to be kinder to others and to the Planet. A goddesses’ bazaar including Divine Feminine sustainable fashion, energetically charged footwear by Astara, esoteric fine jewelry by Indigo Unveiled and custom-made tantric necklaces by Satamber offered a mindful alternative to empty retail therapy. Real magic is nothing but a gathering of multiple talents aimed to uplift each other in name of the divine principle of creativity which is quintessentially feminine.

  • Ancient Rituals Modern Goddesses for Divine Feminine

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    Divine Feminine
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