Embodied Shakti – A women’s workshop with Birjiwan Kaur

We co-hosted a day of women’s teaching and Full Moon ceremony with Birjiwan Kaur. We celebrated together our sacred feminine and the goddess that lives within each woman.

Birjiwan, expert in Tao and tantric practices shown us how to use sexual energy as a creative force to face the challenges of the new year. We ended the day with a full moon circle that freed ourselves from all that is no longer useful to recreate a sacred space within us where to always feel protected, loved and satisfied. The program included a Kundalini yoga class with specific excersies for the women well being and yogic beauty secrets, a workshop on tantra & tao and usage of Yoni eggs,  an ecstatic dance session and personality profile work.

Delicious meals and drinks were served throughout the day lovingly prepared by our vegan chef. A Shakti bazaar filled with sustainable fashion pieces by Divine Feminine, Shiva Rose beauty products and Satamber trantric necklaces pleased the art of adornment to match on the outside the goddess within you.

  • Embodied Shakti – A women’s workshop with Birjiwan Kaur

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Dario Ruggiero

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    Villa Rose
    Birjiwan Kaur