2225 Verde Oak Drive by Paley Fairman

Paley Fairman captures Alina Bobyleva wandering around the house once blonged to Samuel Navarro, the son of revolutionary American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, nestled at the top of Los Feliz, Los Angeles. 

Fully immersed in nature, the architecture is in complete harmony with the landscape. It blends in as if it stemmed out from the hills, sculpted by the elements under the guidance of a skilled human mind with the sole aim of celebrating the beauty of pure shapes. Fairman pays homate to the house’s incredible proportions, sharp angles and unexpected distribution of spaces while following Alina around the property, who plays the role of an eccentric high society kid. There is something wild, untouched, about the house that refelcts into the girl’s fresh beauty and relaxed attitude. She casually wears sophisticated outfits from Comme des Garçons, Yeezy, Sacai among others borrowed from the avant-garde fashion mecca H. Lorenzo, the iconic concept store founded over 30 years ago by Lorenzo Hadar on Sunset Boulevard, which now has also branched to Robertson Blvd with a third retail space specially dedicated to cutting edge clothing and up and coming designers. The narrative follows a smooth pace, and unfolds slowly through Fairman‘s pictures, which tell nothing more than an ordinary day, spent in what seems to be a piece of heaven fallen upon the Earth.


  • 2225 Verde Oak Drive by Paley Fairman

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Paley Fairman

    Assistant to photographer: Anthony Espino


    Cecilia Musmeci


    Alina @ Two Woman Management

    Ryan Lo



    Special Thanks

    Ugo Cacciatori