Introducing Shhorn – “Petal” Spring / Summer 2016

Boys don’t cry, oh what a silly lie.            

Up-and coming Sydney-based menswear brand Shhorn gets in touch with men’s most tender side, and expresses the beauty of genderless feelings through its Spring / Summer capsiue collection named Petal. Designer Sean Tran and textile artist Grace Wood approach masculinity like in classic 17th and 18th century paintings, focusing on the observation of the human state, both physical and emotional, to create garments that gently complement the male’s silhouette. The tension between hard and soft elements is embodied in the clothes’ construction that features relaxed yet structured volumes developed through a rough fabric choice, entirely produced in-house, from the sourcing of raw local fibres to making of textiles, which gives to pieces a remarkable weight and thickness. In line with the label’core values of craftsmanship and experimentation with primal materials, each Shhorn garment has a strong tactile feeling, perfectly pictured in Kelly Geddes imagery that aims to create a parallel between the rich yet delicate textures of the clothing and the fragile nature of flowers. Far from being idealized, the flowers are quintessentially real and bear a certain poetic decadence subtly related also to the human’s skin with its small flaws and signs of the inevitable aging process. The concept of time is deeply important in Shhorn’s designs as small details such as visible finishing and stitching allow for the garment to be mended or refined season after season by the wearer thus enhancing the pieces’ life span and showcasing the changes they undergo throughout the years, which make them truly unique and different from each other, right like human beings are.

  • Introducing Shhorn – “Petal” Spring / Summer 2016

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    Cecilia Musmeci



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