A Country Tale by Bruno Rizzato

Countryside afternoons lazily pass by while the woods’ shadows lengthen towards evening.

There is some kind of delicate beauty that shows through when the colours get deeper and the light fades away.By following a tiny path made of ivy and moss, a graceful wonderer discovers the intimacy of naked branches and solitary farms. The photographer Bruno Rizzato catches the smoothed magic of this picturesque walk in nature. Fashioned in dream-like pieces by Comme des Garçons and Hongjun Chen, the young lady whispers secrets thoughts in the ear of her rabbit-headed puppet. Her blooming beauty and curious eye matches with the playful naivïty of Chen’s designs. Inspired by the odd characters of children tales, the young Chinese designer has turned nostalgic country suggestions into sophisticated garments carefully crafted for contemporary dolls. Like in an old Victorian painting, feminity and rural innocence are sketched with taste.

The quiet silence of the peaceful landscape offers some rest to tired minds, which follow asleep on the straw forgetting to head home at tea-time.

  • A Country Tale by Bruno Rizzato

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