A.I. Artisanal Intelligence – Creative Crime

Artists are smooth criminals and brilliant rebels that subvert the existing rules and challenge the ordinary to chase wonder.

A.I. Artisanal Intelligence paid homage to the idea of creativity as a violation of common norms and traditions, paying homage to the concept of revolutionary genius. The showcase curated by Clara Tosi Pamphili and Alessio de’Navasques featured over 100 up-and-coming artisans and designers that brought innovation to their respective fields by overcoming general expectations. To recreate a certain thrilling feeling of transgression, the participants were presented through mug shots and documents reminiscent of police files hanging from the walls of Palazzo dell Esposizioni in Rome, where the exhibition took place. The objects of crime, realized with pioneering techniques and advanced methods, were beautifully displayed within the museum’s airy room, symbolically divided in two areas by a desk reminiscent of those found at police stations on which a thick book including archive documents and pictures told the story of the A.I. research project, which celebrated its 10th anniversary. Ilariusss by Ilaria Soncini, Silvia Bergomi for Nuagy, Ludovica Amati and Pierre-Louise Mascia stood out among others for their interesting take on traditional shapes and textile developments.

Thanks to its remarkable commitment and artistic research, A.I. has been able to carve a launchpad for local and international young talents within the traditionally conservative and old school setting of the city of Rome. Conceived as an ongoing creative laboratory, A.I. will continue its daring activity and promote new generations of sparkling delinquents.

  • A.I. Artisanal Intelligence – Creative Crime

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Andrea Buccella

    Special Thanks

    Alessio de’ Navasques

    Clara Tosi Pamphili