A leap in the sky by Michelle Lau

Michelle Lau portraits Galina Arkhi wandering around Hong Kong industrial areas.

Galina seems to have fallen from a leap in the sky and occasionally landed on the rooftop of a modern building in Hong Kong. Her unconventional beauty and ethereal appearance make her look like an alien in the city. She explores the surroundings of this unknown place and takes a bus trip to nowhere dress up in sophisticated outfits by Hong Kong-based brand A Tentative Atelier. The architectural clash of high and low quintessential to Hong Kong’s skyline reflects into the clothing, which combines sartorial know-how and couture-like elements with rough edges and exposed chain stitching. Inspired by the pieces Neo-Romantic appeal, Galina approaches the industrial setting with playful drama. Her attitude against the bare backdrops gives a futuristic edge to Lau’s photographs, which wonderfully grasp the magic of the unexpected encounter between the girl and the metropolis.

  • A leap in the sky by Michelle Lau

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Michelle Lau


    Cecilia Musmeci


    A Tentative Atelier FW17


    Galina @ SunEsee

    Hair & Make-up

    Assistant to hairstylist Kelvin Tsui & Kim Chow