A Tentative Atelier – Castaway Dreams by Noel Jones

A shipwerack, a young girl castaway on a deserted island, a dream within a dream wrapped in the golden haze of the blazing sun. 

Noel Jones lenses Hana at Sun Esee models in a special story on Hong Kong-based brand A Tentative Atelier. The inspiration came from Jane Campion‘s cinematographic masterpiece The Piano, set in 19th century, where a mute pianist and her daughter are left with all their belongings on a deserted shore in New Zealand. A Tentative Atelier‘s delicate and feminine Fall / Winter 2018 Collection, which reinterprets Victorian age costumes and royal uniforms, perfectly fell into the mood and turned the visionary idea into a real wonder. Vintage objects, books of poetry, and handmade puppets wearing matching outfits are part of the brand’s daily universe, so unique and untouched that becomes even more special when unveiled through Jones‘s fantastic photocgrapic journey, in which Hana‘s pure beauty blooms in all her fragrant freshness. Renowned hair artist Sam Han puts incredible emphasis on the complicated Victorian coiffures, nailing the chaste yet tempting gothic attire. The romantic blush of a thousand of English roses glows softely on Hana‘s cheeks and mouth thanks to Heisan Hung‘s savoir faire. Surreal, magical with a hint of mistery, the story pays a beautiful homage to A Tentative Atelier‘s creative wonderland.

  • A Tentative Atelier – Castaway Dreams by Noel Jones

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