A1923 – Spring / Summer 2016

Clouds drift across the endless sky, hiding the cracks and scars of the universe underneath their flawless appearance.

A rain of black ink poured down on the white sea of paper that filled up A1923 showroom in Paris. Floating in the midst of stained weaves, the shoes of the Italian brand looked like ships in the water, breaking through the monochromatic mass with intense splashes of colors and delicate shades of ivory and dusty grey. Simone Cecchetto, designer behind A1923, once again blended his interest in contemporary art with his unique approach to fashion design, and collaborated with Korean-born, London-based, artist Jay Park to release a special installation for his Spring / Summer 2016 collection. Park got inspired by shadowy dark lines that often stretch over the flossy clouds, and turned this visual suggestion into abstract drawings on wide rolls of paper and plastic that he subsequently installed in A1923 showroom. The idea of finding beauty in nature’s imperfections perfectly matches with the brand’s ethos, which pays homage to the authenticity of men’s craftsmanship and traditional handwork. Featuring a wide range of vegetable tanned leathers, A1923 shoes are hand-painted and hand stitched in Italy, using artisanal construction techniques and modern methods to achieve the highest level of comfort and durability. The wide range of shapes includes both feminine and masculine models, ranging from Edwardian-like pointy heels to folded derbies and combat boots. Cecchetto also expanded his clothing line, made with top quality fabrics sourced in Italy and Japan. Particular attention was paid to the womenswear capsule collection, which featured outstanding dresses in raw linen, leather jackets and head-to-toe outfits in double silk organza. Sharp cuts and tailored details made the garments extremely flattering to the female’s body. With no head in the clouds, A1923 refines more and more its offer season after season, growing its own identity in an organic and consistent way.

  • A1923 – Spring / Summer 2016

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