A1923 – The Secret Dungeon

Time gives to ancient buildings a kind of extraordinary beauty.

In occasion of the official launch of A1923 women’s line, designer Simone Cecchetto put on stage an exclusive presentation in one of the most historical venues of Paris. Visitors were invited to discover a secret dungeon, located in the basement of Saphir Gallery in Le Marais district, where they could admire some of the original remains of the Wall of King Philip Augustus, the oldest defensive walls still extisting in the French capital. Displayed across the maze of arches and small passages, A1923 clothes and leather goods stood out against the white stones. Featuring the same attention to details that marks A1923 menswear, the female pieces breathe fresh air into the brand, softening its rough appeal with a delicate touch. The men’s workwear-inspired aesthetic is translated into feminine shapes that flatter the body in a more subtle, minimalist, way. An exquisite range of fabrics including raw linens and double silk organza gives to the pieces rich textures. The iconic A1923 leather jacket came in a more fitted version, hand-painted in light shades of ivory and taupe grey. The timeless look and the artisanal feeling of the clothing reveal Simone’s sustainable production methods, wich perfectly match with the space’s heritage and its magic atmosphere.

  • A1923 – The Secret Dungeon

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    Cecilia Musmeci

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