A’bout Design Corp – Autumn/Winter 2012

A’bout itself is a nothing, a raw thought turned into an object without an identity or a category, with the “absence” as the only sign of recognition. A’bout is forms, ephemeral silhouettes, in perpetual dialogue with materials, fine yarns and exquisite leathers. The garments come out from this sophisticated mix , sculpted by the hand of Dean Hutchinson and Yunchieh Chang enough to capture the elegance of the human body.

Items without name, annihilate themself in the essence of their owners, starting to exist by  jumping from the inorganic to an apparence of life. In symbiosis with the wearer, the garments are marked by time; refusing to die every season, they aspire to immortality, just like the humans do. Behind this philosophy there’s the humility of the designers, their devotion to the functionality that pays homage to an unpretentious fashion, made for last and be worn. The label is not important, therefore, no label; because only through the wearer’s presence, a’bout finds its purpose. A’bout is a renonuce to everything, except for the personality. The designers’ character appears under the rough, essential, aesthetics that filter through the fibers of each piece, making it unique and enchantingly elegant in its bareness. A meticulous attention to details explains the small and limited production, dreamed and designed in Toronto using artisianal techniques and modern processes. The Fall-Winter 2012 Collection takes part to this range of concepts, sticking to a obscure palette that enhance the clothes’ monastic design. A’bout’s team doesn’t follow usual marketing strategies, opting to only be promoted through their website and word-of-mouth. Traveling between Toronto, San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles, they take their newest collections on tour to cater to their international client base.

A’bout expresses a new concept of luxury, result of a visionary experimentation. Each garment holds a grain of poetry, a word, a sentence with which Hutchinson and Chang communicate with the rest of the world, making fashion, like the other arts, a concrete vehicle of expression.

  • A’bout Design Corp – Autumn/Winter 2012

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci