Aganovich – Fall / Winter 2016

A symphony for solo piano introduced Aganovich Fall / Winter 2016 collection. Pianist and composer Pete Drungle created the perfect atmosphere for a dramatic show filled with passion and dark romance. Porcelain dolls in Victorianesque clothes walked across the magnificent room of Palais de Beux Arts keeping a slow, regal, peace, in sintony with the music. Dramatic and verve-filled, the outfits reinterpreted 18th-century garments that seemed to come out straight from an Ann Rice’s novels. Military suggestions inspired by Jacobite uniforms such as double-breasted top-coats met the opulence of full skirts, giving to historical fashion a subversive contemporary twist. Fitted, ruffle-front jackets clashed with frothing tutus over slim-fit pants. Leghts were draped and taken to the extreme, while constructed and deconstructed volumes created an interesting interplay between constraint and release. A mix of velvet, brocade and leather added a sensual and tactile appeal to the theatrical showcase.

  • Aganovich – Fall / Winter 2016

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    Cecilia Musmeci

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