Aganovich – Spring / Summer 2016

Enriched in a blend of Victorianesque silhouettes against masculine tailoring gave Aganovich the upper hand in what was an incredible spectacle this season. Romanticised figurations of genderless women amidst sharp cut jackets in a pungent purple were complimented by oversized trousers. The waist although slightly fastened partnered with a playful use of animal patterns allowing for an understated impact.

Delicate attention was taken to the lining with hand painted silk against an array of purples diluting into pastel pinks. This soon revealed a forward visioned gown stitched across different angles of the garment.

In the latter, we saw shades of deep grey transforming into black with a continuation of befitted jackets tightly fastened at the waist with extruding sleeves. Treated textiles furnished with a giant tie folded inside and a loud ending of zebra pattern draped pants exquisitely ended the show at a minimal note.



  • Aganovich – Spring / Summer 2016

    Article by
    Keanoush Da Rosa



    Cecilia Musmeci 



    Special Thanks

    Michèle Montagne