Alexandre Plokhov – “Antipode” Fall/Winter 2013-2014

As a wire full of tension slashes free in space, sinisterly waving to the tense force encompassed within the two contrasting poles as extremes, Alexandre Plokhov collects the energy and re-focuses on the very basic steps of his work reverting the sides of his attraction. He deviates the path back to his original beginning, enclosing past and present as polar antipodes.

Feeling to need to retake the initial significant steps he first moved in New York in 1997, Plokhov reconsiders the basic notions he has been forming on in an unscrupulous sense, within a critical, progressive approach, gazing at the broadened horizons of the new light gained. The structural tailoring configuration is won over by defiance where sides and position of elements are reverted, deliberately altered on a simple, organised scale. Distension and tension meet up in the rhythmical pulse seemingly emerging straight from the dull beat of mid nineties electronic standing as silent reference of Plokhov’s distressed flexion of shape, revealing the legacy of beauty within the baselines. The tension resides like in a physical law in the juxtaposition of elements, colliding on the body as final clash ground.

The flowing, tense vortex as in a deliberately diverted loop slashes the matter open, toeing the extremes, fracturing and fragmenting in falls of resilient fabric, ending the circle through all these steps it rises again on a new composition, keeping the process that tear open and finalise jealously enclosed in its own self.

  • Alexandre Plokhov – “Antipode” Fall/Winter 2013-2014

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Marta Fattori


    Efren Garza

    Special Thanks

    Jo Jo Asuncion