Alice Waese & Atelier Baba – The Treasure Room

Inside an historical Parisian apartment Alice Waese and Atelier Baba set up a magical showcase with the feeling of a secret treasure room. Precious jewelry pieces with odd and irregular shapes were hanging from ancient mirrors and crystal chandeliers, while fine handmade garments and shoes were beautifully showcased all over the space. The designers highlighted their respective talent in perfect harmony. Atelier Baba‘s pointy shoes and Victorian-esque lingerie reminded of the outfit of a fashionable Capitan Hook ruling over a French Neverland, where Alice Waese‘s tribe of golden and silver creatures replaced Peter Pan’s lost boys. In this context,  Alice developed her summer clothing in ultra-thin silk and linen fabrics treated with alnut hulls, iron and rust dyes, which draped loosely around the body creating a relaxed and slightly nomad look. Emerald and ruby rings blended in the sophisticated decor, featuring sculptures and old bookcases in wood. Brooches and bracelets covered the surface of the marble fireplace, casually left there by a distracted femme fatale. A pink book including Alice Waese‘s inspirational watercolors was left open on antique table: it somehow epitomized the surreal atmosphere of this cabinet of curiosities. 

  • Alice Waese & Atelier Baba – The Treasure Room

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci


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