Alice Waese – Fall / Winter 2016

Guarded by a fearsome statue of an Egyptian sphinx, Alice Waese‘s creatures find refuge in a quant Parisian apartment, which the New York-based designer shared with British artisanal label Atelier Baba to present her Fall / Winter 2016 collection.

The jewelry for which Waese has become known for is once again made in sterling silver, yellow and pink gold, worked to a point where textures evoke the feel of three barks and hard, rough earth. Precious stones like emeralds and sapphires are so masterfully used that one cannot help but imagine them as the keepsakes of the fantastic creatures and spirits that inhabit the designer’s inner world. Necklaces adorned with little golden hands complete the fantasy and one can almost see the cheeky fearies trying to reclaim their mementos.

Alice Waese‘s tale also features a “tribe” of clothes, which gets bigger and bigger season after season. This time Alice adds few pieces of heavy knitwear, soft like spongy clouds, and a series of crispy white cotton shirts. Like her watercolors, the garments come in a tamed color palette, combined with brusts of deep red, rusty brown and dusty charcoal. Once again, Waese presented a capsule of special pieces with an organic pattern inspired by winter flowers. Alice Waese flower-dyed fabrics, developed with the in-house dyer Cara Marie Piazza, work not only on a visual, but also on a storytelling level with the jewelry aesthetics – creeating the ideal backdrop, the perfect little medow for the woodland spirits to play in.

  • Alice Waese – Fall / Winter 2016

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