Amy Glenn – A147G Collection

Something unfamiliar unexpectedly strikes root.

This surprising realization caracterizes our feelings towards the amorphous matter while it takes shape within casting molds. The undefined volumes slowly become clear by losing their massive consistency through the restless work of the careful artisan. In a similar way, we refine our thoughts after pulling them out from the vague deepness of our minds. Following this transformation process, Amy Glenn’s most brilliant ideas and strongest emotions take concrete form into her jewelery pieces. The precious metals are vehicles to convey the impressions of the soul arouse by the harmony of contrasts. The natural elements stripped of their harshness are trapped within geometry achieving a sort of industrial primitivity. Beauty is rough and genderless as a veiled shadow. Preserving the values of rarity and refinement, all her artifacts are enirely hand-made, available in limited edition and full of meaningful elegance. Glenn’s art is her unique way of expressing herself overcoming the poverty of language.

The matter embodies the half-tones of her primal sensations, so distant in time that they almost become forgotten.

  • Amy Glenn – A147G Collection

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    Amy Glenn

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