Amy Glenn A147G & Göran Horal – Event at SOME / THINGS

The ceiling was high, the place was dark. Vague shadows stretched their velvety lips onto those bare, rough walls, while the sound of indistinct voices echoed in the entrance hall. When we crossed the threshold of light; the feeling we entered in a niche, carved into the irregular folds of time, untouched by the linear flow of the events, became true at once. From the paintings to the photographs, to the shelves vividly carved in stone, everything expressed Art, in its most raw essence. The intimacy, the involving sense and appeal arising from this kingdom of primitive beauty attracted a group of individuals, meeting to exchange moments of their existences, rejoicing the magic of the event.

A thunder of intense emotions exploded while we walked into the rooms of SOME / THINGS, slowly turning into a deep interest for the objects displayed, imperatively surrounding us, catching our attention. Inside a long glass case, an hard light reflected onto the sculptural silhouette of some finely finished leather shoes, as precious as archaic tools. The artifact belonged to the debut collection of the Swedish brand Göran Horal, conceptually structured to capture the wild and mystical spirit of nature that dominates the landscapes of Sweden, paying an homage to the origins of the designers Heidi and Susan. Their creations are universally androgynous designs presenting clean and strongly defined lines, focusing on leather and a perfect balance of proportions.

The cold and metallic shimmering of Amy Glenn’s monolithic jewelry spread out the atmosphere above the drawers of a dark wooden box, immediately catching our attention. The LA based designer blends organic shapes with a rough industrial aesthetic, creating sharp cutting pieces which seem to come from faded, distant times, while maintaining a visionary modern appeal; altering the bone structure like inorganic prostheses. Everything was surrounded by the suspended atmosphere of the place, imbued in the dark, sublime poetry of SOME / THINGS MAGAZINE chapters. Those books hypnotized  our minds, letting our eyes wander through their suggestive photography and the insightful sea of words.

We brought with us the mysterious influence of that night for several days. The deep synergy we felt did not seem to leave the flux of days. The memory of this experience is still shaking our souls, waiting for a new occasion; a new epiphany.

  • Amy Glenn A147G & Göran Horal – Event at SOME / THINGS

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci

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