Amy Glenn – A147G °015

Inside the artist’s studio, art pieces loose their sacred value to simply represent work in constant development.

Entering this locus of widespread fascination there is yet no difference between masterpieces and sketches, but all is part of the same artistic flow. Paintings are slathered and sculptures are wrought; ideas and suggestions are turned into creative matter. The creations of LA-based designer Amy Glenn are caught in this same metamorphosis. Metals are like raw claim in the hand of the designer, who artisanally works each piece one at time. Their small irregularities and raw textures keep the organic appeal given by the craftsman’s touch, like drops of paint that an artist accidentally spilled on his finished work. With her mind and heart as the only sites of solitary creativity and material exploration, Amy Glenn expresses the spirit of her own senses and surroundings by pushing the boundaries of jewelry and crafting tradition season after season.

  • Amy Glenn – A147G °015

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    Cecilia Musmeci



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