Amy Revier at Hostem London

« Old ways are retained not out of a sense of nostalgia, but because they serve a function »

With the same powerful energy of a pianist who plays the piano, Amy Revier masters the art of the loom. Fully immersed in the ancient practice of hand weaving, she creates beautiful textiles that will be sewn into clothes. For one week in October, she left the quietness of her North London-based studio to perform at Hostem, one of the most refined and well curated concept stores of today. Revier installed her own atelier on the boutique’s first floor, encountering visitors every day and showing them the varied and intensive stages of her work. In addition to this performance, the designer has woven a collection of garments specifically for Hostem, displayed within the same exhibition space. Since Revier usually weaves 3-5 pieces per month, this was the first time that a large body of work has been shown together. Amy’s radiant personality, as well as her outstanding creations was in perfect synergy with Hostem’s relaxed and artsy atmosphere. Entering in the room in which she was working, one had the impression of stepping into a different era. Sitting down at her traditional floor loom from morning to evening, she tirelessly worked on the making of unique fabrics. All her primal materials are sourced from Kyoto-based spinners, most of which are hand-dyed and in limited stock. Through her passionate and dedicated handwork, Amy Revier imbues a living element into the textiles she weaves, which eventually continue to live as garments on the body of final customers. Her approach reaffirms the importance of an organic and human touch against the hyper-industrialized and fast-consuming contemporary society.

« I am interested in building from scratch, showing evidence of the hand, and in the plain beauty of well-made things »

  • Amy Revier at Hostem London

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    Cecilia Musmeci


    Amy Revier


    16 Oct – 20 Oct
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