An Autumn Tale by Stephanie Lou

Long ago, at noblemen’s castles there were poets, chamberlains, guards and chatelains. The photographer Stephanie Lou pays homage to those gentle souls that used to protect the arts and ensure a smooth life in the royal courts. Acting inside a dematerialez manor, Axelle, Iulia and Jordan are captured in simple activities, such as reading books, cutting roses or arranging an imaginary pick-nick in the park. Dressed up in Casey Casey Fall / Winter 2017 collection, they look as they belonged to some kind of ancient royal tale, and yet the clothes bear a lighthearted easiness as if they were made to float in the holloways of centenary palaces as well as to go for a run barefoot in the gardens, drenched in the first Autumn rain. An intriguing dialogue made of kind gestures and penetrating gazes establishes between the characters, which pay a silent ode to timeless beauty.

  • An Autumn Tale by Stephanie Lou

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    Cecilia Musmeci



     Stephanie Lou


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