Ancient Grace, Modern Muse – A story on Divine Feminine by Miriam Marlene

Women have spent the better part of the last two centuries fighting for rights and equality. The Californian designer Jenn Mellon pays homage to the feminine force that is now rising through her sustainable clothing brand Divine Feminine.

Jenn takes distance from the many examples of feminist fashion that try to express women strength through power dressing that mimics menswear. She instead celebrates the new archetype of the emancipated woman, who rules with grace, wisdom and compassion and deeply embodies all those characteristics that are quintessentially feminine. Her understanding of present times meets with a true admiration for the antique world and particularly for the history of Alexandria during the Roman Empire and the first female mathematician and philosopher Hypatia, who was the very muse behind the collection. Divine Feminine‘s capsule of dresses reproduces the classic proportions of Ancient Greek peplums and tunics revamped through contemporary cuts. Each piece is handmade and naturally dyed in California using organic cotton fabric. Different mantras have been infused into the dresses to protect and empower the wearer. Miriam Marlene captured the beautiful clash of ancient and modern in a series of exclusive pictures shot inside an iconic private residence nestled in the canyon and overlooking the bay of Laguna Beach. The house, once a church, held a very special energetic frequency amplified by the spiritually charged dresses and the crystalline souls of the two young models, modern muses blessed by ancient grace.  

  • Ancient Grace, Modern Muse – A story on Divine Feminine by Miriam Marlene

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