Ann Demeulemeester – Autumn / Winter 2015 – 2016

Hash-a-baye, don’t you cry, go to sleepy little baby.

Poetic nightmarish atmospheres inspired Ann Demeulemeester Fall / Winter 2015-2016. Designer Sébastian Meunier showcased a pictorial take on the cinematic allure of the work of German photographer Katharina Sieverding. The subtly sensual game of fabric and skin breathed new life into Demeulemeester’s classic dark romanticism. In this context, sharply deconstructed and folded pieces were gently layered together recalling the petals of roses. A dandyesque feeling shaped the tailored outerwear tightly cinched at the waist by black leather obi-like belts. Draped and asymmetric silhouette evoked hybrid images, surfaces and spaces on the border of truth and fiction. Ultra saturated shades and optical graphics depicted the outlines of Meunier’s creative universe, filled with passionate emotions, delicate poetry, vivid artistic suggestions and monochromatic drama.

When you wake, you shall have, all the pretty little horses.

  • Ann Demeulemeester – Autumn / Winter 2015 – 2016

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci

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