ANREALAGE at L’Eclaireur Sévigné

God is in details. You better look carefully.

Speaking about handicraft and Japanese precision, today we reminded of A Real Un Real Age, the exhibition held at L’Eclaireur Sévigné this Fall, which marked the European debut of ANREALAGE. Kunihiko Morinaga, the designer behind the Japanese brand, set his creative spirit in between the real world and a fictional dimension, where rational rules disappear to leave room for imagination. What seemed unrealizable at first takes shape through an astonishing handiwork and a daring technical experimentation. Patterns, materials and details are all re-worked according to Kunijiko Morinaga’s visionary direction. The garments are not just functional objects but physically embody the designer’s ideas. A Real Un Real Age introduced the visitors to Morinaga’s universe through a retrospective of his works. Besides the highly conceptual nature of ANREALAGE designs, the seek for a deep interaction with wearers stood out from the exhibition. The artistic concepts that characterize Morinaga’s approach to fashion were expressed by illusionistic games of proportions, photo sensitive fabrics and an extraordinary meticulous detailing. As the supernatural became possible, the lines between oddity and regularity were beautifully blurred.

Abstract fantasies sometimes reveal unexpected surprises.

  • ANREALAGE at L’Eclaireur Sévigné

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci