ANREALAGE – “SHADOW” Spring / Summer 2015

Where is the light, the shadow appears.

Brainchild of fashion designer Kunihiko Morinaga, the Japanese brand ANREALAGE hit Paris Fashion Week for the very first time. A conceptual game of shadow and light introduced the public to ANREALAGE’s visionary universe, where the self-identity is mysteriously showcased, playfully faked and never fully reveiled. Like porcelain dolls in a music box, the models slowly marched across the semi-darkened squared room eventually catching the brightness of low-lying projectors. Black and white met each other within hybrid garments of fine structure. Trompe l’oeil effects and removable cutouts leather jackets and coats pushed the boudaries of clothing in terms of versatility and reflected the shades of a personality in constant changing. Light-reactive fabrics were exposed to UVA rays that shifted the pieces’colour from plain white to different chromatic graduations. The geometric construction of the garments, the technical experimentation with pigments as well as the incredibly crafted detailing let Morinaga’s creative genious shine out. By taking distance from the conventional rules of fasion, ANREALAGE expressed the silent magic of those things that are out of the ordinary through the lens of traditional elegance.

Even if the light disappears, let the shadow remain.

  • ANREALAGE – “SHADOW” Spring / Summer 2015

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