Archivio J.M. Ribot – Uchronia

Uchronia is a 19th century neologism that reinvents the meaning of the greek word utopia, (u-topos: no place) to designate a time that never was (ou-chronos: no time).

The work of Archivio J.M. Ribot embodies this dimension without a beginning or end, as it overcomes the standard definitions of “past” and “present” to celebrate ongoing stories. Forgotten, rediscovered, recurring, reinvented, those tales are told through Archivio J.M. Ribot‘s clothing, and precisely through fabrics, patterns, textures and details such as buttons and collars. The aim of breathing new life into history immediately stands out from Riforma pieces, a capsule collection made of  hand-picked components of antique garments from early 20th century finely patchworked together into new assemblages. Each garment is like a book, a collection of different experiences, cultures, artisanal traditions delivered to the wearer who’s supposed to tresure them and add its very own. It’s impossible to predict what will come next as it depends from what’s been found, this season, for example, featured great lace and silk pieces. Following a more contemporary approach, the capsule Archivio revolves around experimenting with treatments and working techniques on vintage fabrics, collected and archived throughout the years. More than trying to evoke a sense of nostalgia, Archivio J.M. Ribot aims to bring back the pleasure of being properly dressed wearing high quality garments that are truly different from anything one might see around.

  • Archivio J.M. Ribot – Uchronia

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