Archivio J.M. Ribot – Capsule I

Nostalgia is an active and useful creative tool that brings the old times back.

In this spirit, Archivio J.M. Ribot digs into the past to give a new identity to things that have a memory. Officially launched last year, Archvio J.M. Ribot is a research clothing project split in two capsule collections: Riforma, consisting of one-of-a-kind pieces created by combining antique parts of clothing from early 20th century, and Archivio, a series of limited edition garments made with ancient fabrics collected in an textile archive throughout the years. The concept that inspired the project subverts codes of sartorial conservatism, showcasing a great engagement with craft. With outstanding technical skills, Archivio‘s garments have been deconstructed, lined and finished, loosing their original function to be take on a new contemporary appeal, while preserving the history and tactile memory of the textiles. The assembled garments, buttons and embellishments have been sourced across Europe for an extensive time span as part of a committed research practice. Every Archivio J.M. Ribot piece is marked by the passage of time. From the aged buttons to the antique textiles and sewing treads, everything is carefully handmade in Italy, solely using slow sewing techniques and not involving any serger machines.
This artisanal approach makes each garment truly unique, and any imperfection must be considered as a precious element that has been gifted by time.

  • Archivio J.M. Ribot – Capsule I

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