AREA Barbara Bologna – “ATELOPHOBIA” Autumn/Winter 2013

“Sometimes we lose our eyes looking at something that will never become real.”

AREA investigates the fear of failure reflecting on the obsession for perfection.
Through the window of la Galerie Hors-Champs the corpse of a rabbit drowned in formaldedide stands out from a glass ampoule, giving to the visitor’s mind a disturbing feeling of broken life crystallized in time. The walls of the space leave their impersonal identity behind, to embrace Barbara Bologna’s raw and surreal imagery. The concept imbued into her most recent works echoes in the rooms and takes control of our thoughts, as well as the memory of the slightly frightful and dissonant emotions do, along with the sharp sound of violin notes which accompanied the performance held by AREA the night before. The idea of ​​an endless circle in which beauty and cruelty chase each other, blending and mutually exchanging their roles, is strongly conveyed by the garments. The overwhelming violence of poetry that inspires the collection is worked into calm and controlled shapes, extremely feminine in their clean androgyny. The layering of long dresses wraps the body as it were petals of tulip turned uspide down, and follows the dynamism of every movements. Materials, prints and artisanal finishing express Barbara’s seeks for exclusivity, consciously oriented towards a tailored approach that becomes more evident season after season, while the aesthetic undergo a permanent development process, changing yet preserving its original essence.

We suddenly glimpse the vision of an action full of blind cruelty that breaks into a delicate gesture; a caress that spread fragile sweetness, stained by shivers of eager madness.

  • AREA Barbara Bologna – “ATELOPHOBIA” Autumn/Winter 2013

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci

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    Barbara Bologna