AREA Barbara Bologna – “MY DOLL” Autumn / Winter 14/15

There is a thin line that divides fiction from reality.

The Italian designer Barbara Bologna plays on this ambiguity, conceiving a surrealistic AW14/15 collection that meditates on the identity of the human being using a doll as a symbol. The fascinating beauty of this three-dimensional replication of the woman inspires graceful and feminine garments, stripped of the sugary dolly-like effect. Indeed, the mix of Eastern-like references and Victorian opulence produces a certain nostalgic elegance, intriguing and contemporary yet slightly decadent and old fashioned. The rich detailing reinterpretes the Japanese kimonos’ silk ribbons and shashes, while the metallic flowers and feathers decorations recall the style of 19th century’s hats. A creative layering is obtained through versatile combinations which are sharpely defined by the pieces’ experimental patterns. Stiff and precious textures recall the vibes of past times and romantic dreams. This careful choice of materials conveys a sort of antique feeling, as if the pieces were kept close into a chest for an entire era and rediscovered by chance nowadays, preserving their original timeless heritage.

Sometimes reality it’s pure fiction, maybe this is secret of eternity.

  • AREA Barbara Bologna – “MY DOLL” Autumn / Winter 14/15

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci


    Ester Mathis



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    Barbara Bologna