Atifa Rasooli – Spring / Summer 2013

Aristocratic faces stand out against a bare background. Veiled by translucent shadows, proud of their purity, they have something enigmatic in their features that transcends their apparent simplicity.

Like Flemish paintings, the cloth of Danish emerging designer Atifa Rasooli has that kind of raw charm, which conceals a meticulous attention to details. Believing that creativity does not need an education, Rasooli took dressmaking and sourcing at KEA, Copenhagen. The detailed study of manufacturing and pattern making have given her the necessary knowledge to be able to transform her ideas into real garments. After finishing her education in 2011, without any work experience as a designer, she immediately started to work on her debut collection, who has been launched last February. For the Spring-Summer 2013, her second collection, she took to a more concious and mature level the main designing themes of the previous one. An ancient elegance shows in the clean and sharp cutting, that sculpts timeless silhouettes both strong and ephemeral at the same time. The fabrics, such as canvas soaked in oil colors, reflect a cold and bright light. Each delicate aspect is equally balanced by a dose of power, creating an equilibrium that structures the volumes without damaging their intrinsic lightness. An uncanny feeling full of symbolism spread over clothes, evoking a strange sense of expectation.

The atmosphere is dark and mute. Something appears and suddenly disappears. Behind the essentiality of appearances, there’s a kind of sacred dimension that can not be explored. It stands there, simply closed by its fascinating inaccessibility.

  • Atifa Rasooli – Spring / Summer 2013

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