Behind the scenes – Opera de Paris

For several months, there had been nothing discussed at the Opera but this ghost in dress-clothes who stalked about the building, from top to bottom.

The Paris Opera is a magic place full of history and magic. Founded in the 17th century by Louis XIV, the Paris Opera corps de ballet is the oldest academic dance company in the world. Since 1713 and the creation of the Opera Dance School, the steps, techniques and inspirations have never ceased to change, while maintaining the greatest respect for tradition. Designed by Charles Garnier, the architecture of the Opera is quite peculiar: it consists in a series of public spaces, including the glorious marble entrance and opulent reception rooms overlooking the Place de l’Opera, separated by the theatre from the private areas that host the administration offices, the archives and workshops. Like in the Phantom of the Opera, there is an artificial lake located underneath the theatre, to balance the weight of the building that otherwise would risk to collapse. Not everybody knows that every costume, from hat to shoes, is handmade in the Opera’s fashion ateliers, each of them modelled on the body of the dancers and performers. Milliners, tailors, and shoemakers are constantly at work on the pieces for operas, ballets, and other concerts, keeping alive French manufacturing tradition. Some time ago the official brand of Paris Opera’s ballet shoes Souliers Merlet  launched a ready-to-wear line, which adapt the classic construction of ballerina shoes to everyday footwear. The line is available in a series of selected concept stores worldwide, such as Mona Moore in Los Angeles,  and the benefits of the sales help to support the ballet company and the Opera.

  • Behind the scenes – Opera de Paris

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