Bijules – “Il Futuro” Spring / Summer 2013

From the ashes of our frustrated expectations, a new burning universe comes to life.

A galaxy of caledoscopic light reflects on the black lacquered table of DOOR STUDIOS’ basement. Over this wooden sky, the jewellery pieces of Jules Kim sparks like scattered fragments of a flipped comet. Bijules’ precious prosthesis redefine the human body, transforming flesh and bones into cold and shiny metal elements. The skeleton slowly becomes an hybrid of juxtaposed materials. Phalanxes are turned into laminated gold, brass and silver rings, beautifully combined together to create complex structures. Connective tissues disappears, replaced by surreal sliders that give to ears an elf look, triangular plaques modifies shoulder blades, while thin metal spirals cage arms into supple armours embellished by opulent gems. The futuristic appeal of each piece dynamically blends with a delicate organic design, expressed by the sculpted, convoluted shapes evoking a still life of shrubs and gnarled roots. Following her visionary creative approach, Kim goes beyond the rules of traditional jewelery, experimenting with a wild sense of unknown.

The faded past drown in the tedium of yesterday, and today we can’t be no more what we recall. The future cheats us from afar; full of trembligs hopes, he grins showing the unreachable, then he disappears like a chimera, which we madly keep on chasing.

  • Bijules – “Il Futuro” Spring / Summer 2013

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci



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    Robin Meason