Bliss Lau – Jewelry Collection

Unknown physical form, basis of the constant stability of Universe. Maybe coming from the imaginative force of mankind, maybe entity itself, the immaterial principle balances the elements in the different natural states of matter.

Bliss Lau’s jewellery collect vibrations of this singular force, synthesising pure substances in objects interacting with the soul. Crafted with surgical precision, every piece matches with its double, delineating new constructions in syntony with anatomy. The perfect interaction of formal impulses, articulating materials in sharp and delicate accessories, is a direct connection with the cultural juxtaposition characterising the designer’s personality. “Hapa”, as it is said in hawaiian, is to express the concept of a multicultural background and ethnicity, that in the case of Bliss is half Caucasian and half Chinese, summed up with an infancy spent in Honolulu and an adult life in New York. Going backwards to the source of her own personal culture, Lau creates a visual language made of metal and stone, to talk about her peculiar perception of the world. The harmony of classical music is objectified to the stone cut the lazy weave of the Brooklyn’s Bridge chains inspires bracelets and rings, while tiny mirrors and black diamonds ‘hold away the evil’ as in hawaiian creed. Chrysler Building’s dome is taken as an example in the motif of pieces wrapping human articulations. Everything is expression of the idea conceiving them, and the idea of showing off is replaced by a new way of conceiving jewellery, as something intimately bound to ourselves, to wear for Ourselves, under the garments, left alone with our skin.

As if it was the quintessence of Cosmos, harmony writes the rhythm of events holding together the limitless with the limit, joining and separating the opposites, balancing the states alternations, to recreate the conditions for life force to manifest.

  • Bliss Lau – Jewelry Collection

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    Bliss Lau

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